luczelf: Lines of the fall


formatieren: - no title -

j_siebert: On my way to the #CMsummit14 opening evening at The Invisible Dog Art Center

hermsfarm: go anne, go zeitgenössischer feminismus. #feminismusfuckyeah

luczelf: I see an orange
I see orange
Ooh, saw a earthquake too…

jorgsengers: The #henricartierbressonassignment is open!!
Check out @thisaintartschool for details. From tomorrow on we are going to pick one Photo of the Day and present it in the evening.
Please don’t forget to mention in your comments which assignment you were working on. Fair play rules: Don’t tag old photos. Take new ones and play with us. And please only hand in 6 photos via using the hashtag #henricartierbressonassignment. We are really looking forward to seeing everybody’s photos.

The assignments are:
QUACK: A photo of ducks in a park (that’s how HCB tested new camera lenses). If all the ducks in your neighborhood have gone south already any bird out in the wild will do, really…
NO CROP: Compose a photo in your view finder and do not, under no circumstances, be tempted to snip away at it
GIVE UP CONTROL: Let someone else edit one of your photos
DESTINATION: Travel a little outside your everyday environment and take a picture there
GEOMETRY: Take a photo that contains geometry or some sort of natural framing
CANDID: The HCB classic - a candid photo in black and white. (Please remember to be respectful of people’s personal space. In fact, bonus points to you if you approach the person to get their permission to post it! We’d love to hear you share your experiences.)

This post is my version for GIVE UP CONTROL, edited by my teammate @hypercatalecta (1/6)

misageberlin: #berlin #wedding #nofilter

logopaede: “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding” and #TheWorldNeedsMoreSpiralStaircases ?

tomckd: #demolition #constructionsite #hamburg #alterwall